Nordic Dawn, previously Motiva, is concerned with the processes that happen within and between people when we spend time in nature. Thanks to our backgrounds we know a fair bit about how these experiences may be strenghtened further, so that we grow and become more well. We are proud of our team and how we complement each other in style and knowledge. Together we in all modesty make up one of the most substantial professional working groups in this field in the Nordic countries. 

Still, it is our love for the wild that motivates us, and we very much want to share this with you. All the pictures you see here are from our own trips.

Leiv with the Disko bay on West Greenland in the background
Leiv with the Disko bay on West Greenland in the background

"Dr. Leiv Einar Gabrielsen is an intrepid explorer of landscapes, ideas and possibilities. From the extremes of skydiving from aircraft to the intimate sharing of personal mental health narratives with youth sitting at a campfire, Dr. Gabrielsen engages in his work and play wholeheartedly. As someone who has collaborated with Leiv over the last few years, I can attest to his professionalism, passion and abilities in both leading research projects as well as leading others in the outdoors"                                                                                                      

- Dr. Nevin J. Harper, Canada 


Nordic Dawn has chosen four main values that should influence everything we do. We carry these values with us when making decisions and we want them to be recognisable to everyone we meet. 

These  main values are Professionalism, Creativity, Playfulness, and Making a difference:

  • Professionalism - our professionalism is the very foundation on which we build Motiva, and which we want others to associate us with. Of course, there are things we do not know, but we must have sufficient insight to recognise our own shortcomings ... and the resources to both explore these and gain the knowledge required.
  • Creativity - we have not become who we are by being conformists, and we will continue to think 'outside of the box' whenever we can. We love creative processes without limitations as these often lead to surprising new insights and valuable experiences.
  • Playfulness - life is rarely so serious that it must be serious all the time. Humor and play reinforce all aspects of being human, also when enduring challenging times. Tearing up one moment and playing together the next is therefore a sign of quality and efficacy. In our company, the next good laugh should never be far away.
  • Making a difference - we want to emotionally affect the people and environments we interact with. Professionalism, Creativity, and Playfulness are our tools for meeting this most important value.


As inhabitants of our planet, we completely depend on our natural surroundings, both on a physical and emotional level. With this recognition comes the obvious responsibility to preserve both the environmental and the biological diversity.

To be honest, this is easier said than done, and we sometimes find that our different goals ​​are in conflict with one another. Much of what we do involves being in nature, an environment we often must travel to get to. In addition, our cross-cultural focus implies that we bring people together from different countries, even continents. Traveling, especially by air, contributes to global warming. At the same time, if we no longer visit one another and each other's natural environments, we will gradually become culturally alienated, perhaps with lowered incentives of mutual care. For Nordic Dawn this poses a challenging dilemma, and our best response is to show in action a continued awareness of, and moderation in, the way we conduct ourselves. We do this by:

  • As far as possible, include the symbiosis between humans and nature as a topic in our courses and activities 
  • Travel smart and as environmentally aware as possible
  • Purchase double climate compensation quota for all Nordic Dawn flights - both for employees and participants. See
  • Adapt a ´leave no trace` practice when in nature
  • Bring with us garbage we find in nature
  • Our food will not consist of industrially produced red meat. Generally aim for organic and locally produced food.
  • Promote environmentally sound values ​​in terms of consumption and equipment
  • Learn from other cultures about their local environmental issues, how they experience the global environmental challenges, and what they do to meet these challenges. We most often have a lot to learn from others! 

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